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When installing an audio system in a room, seasoned AV professionals have a pretty good idea about how to approach the design. However, it’s always helpful to confirm your assumptions, which is where the EASE acoustical room modeling tool earns its reputation as a must-have in AVS’s tool box.

We Use EASE Software for our Audio System Design and Room Analysis. EASE’s end-result map of sound levels and the distributed sound analysis of a room are two of its greatest assets, helping us to quickly confirm a design and move on. EASE is a valuable tool, showing more than a CAD drawing or a graph of reverberation readings. Its coverage mapping clearly demonstrates to clients that all seating spaces will be covered for sound. With EASE, we are able to demonstrate the actual response of the system in the space.

For existing spaces with sound issues, we can assess the acoustics and sound systems to identify the cause of speech intelligibility problems, hot spots and dead spots, and lackluster sounding music. We conduct testing, audition the systems, and provide feedback as to the current state of the room, desired goals for improvement, and steps to get to those goals.

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