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Audio System Calibration

No matter what your sound application, a well-calibrated audio system facilitates ease of use for your technicians, as well as integrity of sound for your listeners.

If the sound coming out of your sound system is Muffled, Distorted or Hisses when audio is not present an Audio Calibration may be just what you need. Or perhaps you've installed a new system and now you want to have it tuned to the room - Audio Calibration may be what you need. If your sound system "Pops", "Crackles" or "Hums" please contact us regarding our System Diagnostics / Repair Services.

Audio Visual Specialists uses advanced audio and acoustic instrumentation to properly calibrate your Audio System.

Once a room’s audio components have been selected and aligned using EASE — or other predictive analysis tools — more detailed adjustments still need to be made for optimal audio performance. For Audio Calibration, SmaartLive audio measurement software comes into play. Designed for audio frequency measurement, analysis, and data logging, the software includes the ability to remotely control equalizers and DSP processors. These adjustments and capabilities are why we use SmaartLive on most of our projects.

To find out about our Audio Calibration Services, please call (928) 649-0166 today!


Your sanctuary was created to be an enjoyable listening environment for spoken word and music. As such, it is important that your sound system provide intelligible speech and even coverage to all listener seats. Certain areas in your sanctuary might receive too much volume, while others might not receive enough. The people sitting in those areas may not hear the message clearly. It doesn’t matter how persuasive the message is if people can’t hear it in a pleasing manner. A tinny, fuzzy sound system can undermine the most gifted musician and incapacitate the most profound preacher. And nothing can destroy a holy moment faster than a loud blast of feedback!

We are here to help if your sound system is performing at less than its full potential!

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